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From the idea to the brand

Designer Ulla Hofmann had been traveling the world for a while before she discovered Bali. A stunning time. She got to know the people, their mindfulness, their way of life, their products and knew immediately: This is the style she was always looking for and that she has now found here.

Ulla got started, established a network with local growers, producers and manufacturers, and designed new fashion with exciting designs. And she created the label SHIVADIVA. According to the taste of a strong and authentic woman who knows exactly what is right, good and expensive for her.

And the dream goes on.


Life is colourful. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet. Sometimes we have too much, sometimes not enough of everything. But that's exactly right: we celebrate the difference.

SHIVADIVA originals come from Bali. An island in the Indian Ocean. That means endless beaches. Gorgeous colors. peaceful people. A centuries-old culture and artistic craft. All of this is expressed in an inspiring attitude towards life. We maintain Bali's traditional values ​​and tell their story.

That is why SHIVADIVA was founded. Where beauty begins. would like more


We produce fashion without animal ingredients under fair conditions in Europe, which is transported to your home in a climate-neutral manner.



SHIVADIVA fashion is (above all) feminine. Strong and casual, unusual and confident. A style that is not reflected in men's well-being and does not depend on their affects, their demands and their dominance. Show your charisma: You're beautiful and you know it. (But of course it's great to be told anyway.).


Gemstones have an aura that few can resist. Since time immemorial, people have been impressed by their diversity, mesmerized by their beauty, touched by their spiritual power, entangled in their myths. SHIVADIVA leaves it up to everyone to develop their own relationship with the shiny stones. And makes the most of it: jewellery.


Our shipping partner Greenfillment has set itself the task of shipping in a climate-neutral and future-oriented manner. What is climate neutral shipping? That the amount of greenhouse gas produced is offset again. The package is transported as climate-neutrally as possible in order to minimize CO2 emissions or to be offset by other compensation after shipping. More and more shipping service providers rely on such environmental protection programs and sustainable shipping methods. Follow the link for more information.


We mainly produce our products in Europe. In Turkey and in Romania, both countries have something in common in addition to their culture and good food: There are occupational safety laws, minimum wages and thus clear rules on how fair working and break times and payment must look like.


PETA Approved Vegan

Our products are PETA certified. A PETA-certified product completely dispenses with the production of fur, leather, wool, down or silk.

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Organic 100 Content Standard

The Organic 100 Content Standard applies to products containing 95-100% organic material. Our products fulfill this.

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Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Our products have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The certificate marks products from pollution-free, environmentally friendly, socially responsible production companies.

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DHL GoGreen

For our shipping we rely on the climate-neutral shipping of DHL. What does that mean? The amount of climate-damaging CO2 emissions caused by shipping of the shipments is calculated according to a verified process. Deutsche Post buys so-called “emission credits” to offset the CO2 emissions of GOGREEN shipments.

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Global Organic Textile Standard

The Global Organic Textile Standard stands for strict ecological criteria along the entire production chain, including the colors used when printing prints. For this reason we do not meet this standard. (Textiles YES Prints NO) Colors that meet this instead often do not have the color depth that we want for our products. We are constantly working on a solution here

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Fair Wear Foundation

The fair wear Foundation is a non-profit organization that, together with its member companies and other partners such as unions, NGOs, factories, business associations and governments, pursues a clear goal: improving working conditions in the apparel industry. Our producer ST/ST works very closely with FWF and actively supports its partners.

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It is important for us to point out that only our current collection fulfills ALL the above-mentioned certificates. But this is shown separately.